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Aaron Seymour

Why Criminal Defense?

From a young age, I always knew I cared about people and ensuring they were treated fairly. Any injustice, however small, was something I always wanted to make right. Eventually, that desire to protect people from injustice led me into the United States Army and then to law school. Having started my career as a prosecutor for the State of Texas, I saw firsthand the way the state’s resources are brought to bear, often unjustly, on the citizens of Texas. I always thought that I wanted to make sure “justice” was done as a prosecutor. I have often said that it took being a prosecutor for me to realize that I was always a criminal defense attorney.


We Stay Focused on the Results

Since joining the criminal defense world, I have helped hundreds of Texans navigate the emotional and legal challenges of arrests and criminal charges. I have successfully represented clients from arrest, with bail and bond issues, through pretrial proceedings and trial, as well as on appeal. I believe in my clients and their lives are as important as any other Texan. Results are what matters in a criminal defense attorney, and results are always my focus.

You Deserve a First-Class Experience

Our clients are given the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. We will treat you with dignity, and we will listen first, always striving to be encouraging and solution-oriented with your case and concerns. Trust is the most important aspect of the attorney-client relationship, and you build trust by having honest and frequent communication regarding your case. People first—that is our commitment to our clients. When you hire us to fight for you, you don’t just get an aggressive criminal defense attorney; you get a first-class client experience and an attorney dedicated to results—because results matter.
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