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Practice Areas

  • Aggravated Assault – An aggravated assault charge can lead to years in prison and hefty fines, but our criminal defense team can help you fight for a better outcome.
  • Bond Reductions – If you have been given an excessive bail amount, our law firm can help you negotiate a fair number with the court.
  • Burglary – Our team can help you navigate your burglary charges and represent your best interests.
  • Domestic Violence – Don’t fight domestic violence charges alone. Get a strong legal ally to protect your rights and secure positive results.
  • Drug Crimes – Drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted in Texas. Defend yourself by hiring a legal team who is not afraid to fight back.
  • DWI – A DWI can cause endless amounts of chaos in your life, but the right legal ally can help you fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Homicide – Homicide charges are extremely serious. Our legal team is here to stand up for your rights and help you maximize your chances of a better outcome.
  • Juvenile Crime – Our firm can represent minors charged with criminal offenses and help them avoid maximum sentences.
  • Probation Violations (Probation Revocations/Motions to Adjudicate) – If you are being accused of violating the terms of your probation, our legal team is here to help you defend yourself.
  • Sex Crimes – Don’t let a sex crime conviction taint your reputation. Our firm is ready to represent you every step of the way.