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Customer Reviews

I retained Mr Seymour for my case. I was more than pleased with his services. He went above and beyond the services he was hired for. He definitely comes highly recommended. If you want justice you he Aaron Seymour is the man for the job. The thank you again Mr Seymour for your hard work and determination.

Javier F.

Mr. Seymour is Awesome. If I could give more stars If I could. He fought so hard to insure I wasn't railroaded by the court system. I highly recommend him If you are in any trouble he will fight for you and your family. Thanks again, Mr. Seymour.. I owe you more than you know..

Dawan H.

I had Aaron Seymour as a court appointed attorney and he restored my faith in the system. He listened to me and got my case dismissed. Thank you Mr Seymour

Robin L.

He was an amazing attorney, I’m so grateful to have had him by my side. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is struggling finding an amazing attorney or lawyer he was the best guy I could’ve got.

Avery G.

Very satisfied with how Mr. Seymour handled my case. On a personal level having to deal with family law is challenging, but I felt that my interests were well served and my goals were met.

And one more thing..... we won!

Very grateful to you Aaron.

Kyle K.

Attorney Aaron Seymore was very timely, communicative, and reliable. The process was quick and easy, I live 4 hours away and was able to do all the starting paperwork and pay online which was very convenient. He made everything as clear and simple as it could get. Thank you Seymore Law Office.

Shannon D.

Is amazing Law firm! Extremely satisfied! Aarron Seymour is an absolutely great attorney who listens and fight for you best interest! Thank you!!!

Eddie L.

Very helpful attorney, and super easy to talk to. He does his job flawlessly and is extremely hard working. Highly recommend!

Paige M.

Aaron Seymour is a great guy handled my case quick easy and very effective! I'm very happy with the results and I highly recommend thanks again Aaron

Bad B.

Mr. Seymour did an outstanding job! He was very reasonable and did exactly what he said he was going to do and gave us the outcome we were praying for. If you want someone to fight for your he is the man to call.

Amber P.

Mr. Aaron Seymour has been an impressive lawyer to my family the past 2 years. Not only in the legal field but financially as well. I got into trouble back In September of 2020 in Hays county with a number of charges, a 3rd DUI, evading arrest, as well as other minor charges. Aaron has been there every step of the way with me. He has the knowledge and understanding to keep me and my family calm and informed. I am a Army veteran who suffers from PTSD after more than 18 months overseas. Aaron himself is also a veteran who completely understood me, my mental state, my expectations, and with ease was able to communicate. Mr. Seymour has become like family to us. He has worked tireless hours on my case and gotten us to a point I never thought we would be at. Aaron has worked with the DA on my case to help put together a package explaining my side of things and showing that I made a mistake but i am a good man who holds a job, takes care of his children,supports his family, has learned his lesson and is willing to do as the court asks of him. Aaron is not afraid to tell me straight forward that i can do better, that i can be better than my past and PTSD. Currently it looks like I am going to get probation and our family gets to keep a father at home so we can heal and recover together. Our family is forever greatful to Mr. Seymour and his work.

Charles H.

Aaron Seymour is a very competent and professional lawyer. He listens to his client’s concerns and wishes. He is straight forward with his client as to what makes sense and is possible and what isn’t. In court he presents his points/arguments in a logical, rational manner without being dramatic. I highly recommend Aaron Seymour for your legal needs.

Toni L.

Aaron Seymour did a wonderful job handling my felony case and did more then I could have asked for. I previously had an attorney that I hired but had to fire and wish I would have paid Aaron that money instead of my previous attorney. I would recommend him to anyone

Brian L.

Aaron Seymour has been level-headed and communicative. I recommend him for any and all legal services. Attorney Seymour will act fast and respect your time.

katie b.

One of the best court-appointed attorneys ever 10 out of 10 would recommend

John C.

The best representation I could have ever asked for. He truly helps us Veterans. He will fight for your case, the lawyer you need!

Thomas O.

Mr.seymour is an amazing attorney and fights hard I was blessed to be able to have him for an attorney on my case

Kevin J.

Professional, genuine, & effective. Highly recommend this lawyer!

Joshua S.

Master of his craft, pleased with outcome.

Robert S.

Mr. Seymour and his team were impeccable. They looked at our case from every angle and found evidence even the detectives missed. I can’t thank him and his team enough for the not guilty verdict. If you need an attorney I highly recommend Seymour & Vaughn. He won’t let you be pushed around and he definitely won’t let you down.

Nelda G.

I don’t know how to put it in words, but Mr. Seymour is the best thing ever happened to me. He is good at what he does and I recommend that man to anybody. I have been fighting a case for eight years and he got me off of it, not guilty verdict.

Richard C.

This man is a God send, I was looking at prison time with three back to back to back charges in three county’s Guadalupe, Comal Hays. He was able to get everything settled for two years of probation, I don’t know how he did it but if there is anyone in need of an amazing lawyer Seymour & Vaughn is who I recommend.

Dakoda V.

Mr Seymour is a very down to earth man and easy to talk to. This is someone who truly cares for his clients and really does go above and beyond. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.

Jackie D.

Mr. Seymour was a saving grace to myself and my family after a shocking incident that disrupted my life, career and family. He was able to secure a dismissal in my case which was a blessing, obviously, but the truth. There are few attorneys who are so respectful and thoughtful as I found Mr. Seymour to be. He is a seeker of honesty, justice and redemption and I highly recommend his services to anyone who may find themselves in a similar position.

Keely R.

I can not say enough about Mr.Seymour he was patient understanding and kept me updated at all time's. This was a very stressful situation and he made me feel he alway's had my back AND he did. Thank you so much Cindy Maiorka.

Castoria B.

Aaron is compassionate, hard working and cares about his clients. He understands his clients needs and uses his outstanding knowledge and skills to get results. He is professional and respectful but will be aggressive and relentless when needed. Highly recommend!

Tiffani R.

Aaron is passionate about what he does. He will fight for his clients every step of the way. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and aggressive when needed. Highly recommend!!

Haley N.