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New Braunfels, Texas Arson Lawyer Standing Up for the Rights of Clients Facing Arson Charges

If you’re being investigated in connection with a serious fire or explosion, you could be charged with arson. In Texas, this crime is a felony that often results in prison time, fines, and other severe penalties. If you want to avoid these consequences and keep your life on the right track, you need legal assistance from a lawyer who can prove you did not intentionally set any fires.

When you contact Seymour & Vaughn for legal representation, our skilled attorney will examine the details of your case before coming up with an arson defense strategy for you. At our New Braunfels, Texas law firm, we understand the importance of staying out of jail so you can keep your job and avoid a criminal record. That’s why our team works hard to defend the rights of clients facing felony charges. Contact us to discuss your case today.

How Is Arson Defined In Texas?

In most cases, accidentally starting a fire won’t lead to arson charges. This is because arson describes a situation where someone deliberately sets a fire with the intent to destroy or damage property. This could include someone’s house, motor vehicle, fence, yard, or any other type of property. It can also include commercial space, public property, or wilderness areas, such as the forest.

The intent of the fire often matters just as much as the amount of damage caused. So, even if the fire didn’t destroy the property in question and only caused minor damage, you could be charged with arson if it’s proven to be set intentionally. If this occurs, you’ll need the help of a criminal defense attorney who has successfully argued cases like yours. Otherwise, you could spend years in prison for a fire that you didn’t mean to start or had nothing to do with. If you’re worried about how an arson conviction will affect your future, call Seymour & Vaughn to discuss your case as soon as possible.

What Are the Different Degrees of Arson?

If the prosecutor believes you had malicious intent in setting the fire, their next step is determining what degree of arson to charge you with. This often depends on both your intent and the damage caused.

If the fire caused physical injury or death to someone, you’ll be charged with first-degree felony arson. This may also be the case if the fire burned or exploded in a place of worship or assembly.
Second-degree felony arson describes a fire that was set to destroy or damage property on purpose. Most arson cases fall into this category, since this applies to intentionally setting any type of property on fire.

If you’re accused of starting a fire or explosion while manufacturing a controlled substance, and it kills or injures someone, you could be charged with third-degree felony arson. If the drug-related fire did not harm anyone but damaged a car, house, or building, you could be charged with state jail felony arson. You could face the same charge if the fire was not drug related but was recklessly and intentionally set.

An experienced arson defense attorney can tell you what the accusations against you are and what penalties come with them. They can then determine a defense angle that will lead to the best possible outcome for your arson case in Texas. Call our New Braunfels law office if you’re ready to discuss your case with a caring arson defense lawyer.

What Legal Penalties Will an Arson Conviction Lead To?

It’s important that you have a chance to defend yourself from arson charges, because if you’re convicted, you’ll likely spend time in jail and be required to pay fines. The length of your sentence and the amount of your fines will vary depending on what degree of arson you’re convicted of.

If you’re convicted of a state jail felony, you could spend six months to two years in jail. If you’re convicted of third-degree felony arson, you could get two to ten years of prison time, while second-degree felony arson usually results in two to 20 years in prison. Finally, first-degree felony arson can result in five to 99 years in prison, meaning that you could get life in prison for this crime.

All arson convictions can also require you to pay fines of up to $10,000. Additionally, having this type of felony on your criminal record could keep you from getting a job, voting in elections, owning a firearm, or exercising other civil rights. If you want a chance to avoid or reduce these consequences, contact a New Braunfels, Texas criminal defense lawyer for legal representation.

Should You Hire an Arson Lawyer in New Braunfels, Texas?

Being charged with arson means you’re accused of intentionally setting a fire with the purpose of damaging someone’s property. If you know you didn’t do this, you deserve the opportunity to prove it, and hiring a New Braunfels, Texas arson lawyer makes this possible. When you contact Seymour & Vaughn for answers about your case, our skilled attorney will let you know what kinds of penalties you’re facing and how we can work together to avoid them.

Our legal team knows how to defend clients from arson and other serious criminal charges, so you can count on us to develop a personalized strategy for your case. Our lawyer has years of experience fighting aggressively for clients at trial, so you won’t be pressured into accepting a plea bargain if you don’t want to. Our team will gladly defend you inside or outside of the courtroom, depending on what’s right for your criminal case. Call 830-282-8751 to schedule a free consultation with our trusted arson lawyer today.